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Clergy and Leadership

* Asterisk indicates member of clergy

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Operations Team

Making stuff happen!

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ACT Team

Aldates Community Transformation Initiatives is a community of transformation and change seeing people set free to become all they were intended to be. Find out more at

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School of Ministry Interns

Our School of Ministry interns are here for a one year programme to learn and to serve across many different ministry areas. If you're interested in applying for the School of Ministry check it out under 'Courses'.

  • Hugh Bendor-Samuel's profile picture

    Hugh Bendor-Samuel

    Undergrads Intern

  • Ben Coombs's profile picture

    Ben Coombs

    10s–14s Intern

  • Luc Dognon's profile picture

    Luc Dognon

    ACT Intern

  • Mitchell East's profile picture

    Mitchell East

    Undergrads & Barton Intern

  • Natalie Harrison's profile picture

    Natalie Harrison

    Mission & Prayer Intern

  • Amy Knowlton's profile picture

    Amy Knowlton

    Postgrads Intern

  • Hannah Long's profile picture

    Hannah Long

    ACT Intern

  • Iona Manley's profile picture

    Iona Manley

    Childrens Intern

  • Emily O’Dell's profile picture

    Emily O’Dell

    ACT Intern

  • Ellie Parsons's profile picture

    Ellie Parsons

    Undergrads Intern

  • Helen Revell's profile picture

    Helen Revell

    Youth Intern

  • Zoe Taylor's profile picture

    Zoe Taylor

    Childrens Intern

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St Aldates PCC

The PCC (Parochial Church Council) is the elected body of lay church members who meet six times a year in the capacity of Trustees.

The Standing Committee (circled in red) meets separately an additional ten times a year.

  • Charlie Cleverly's profile picture

    Charlie Cleverly

    Rector *

    Ex-officio chair of the PCC

  • Florence Chaffey's profile picture

    Florence Chaffey

    PA to the Rector

    PCC Secretary

  • Mark Brickman's profile picture

    Mark Brickman

    Associate Minister *. (10.30am Service Leader)

  • Julie Turner's profile picture

    Julie Turner

    Student Pastor

    Standing 2017–20

  • Tim Bateman's profile picture

    Tim Bateman

    Curate * head of Small Groups


  • Mark Withers's profile picture

    Mark Withers

    Church Warden

    Since 2015

  • Dick Hunter's profile picture

    Dick Hunter

    Church Warden

    Since 2016

  • Andy Davisson's profile picture

    Andy Davisson

    Treasurer (Co-Opted)

    Since 2016

  • Mark Gooding's profile picture

    Mark Gooding

    Deputy Church Warden (Co-Opted)

    Since 2016

  • Jo Mitchell's profile picture

    Jo Mitchell

    PCC Member

    Standing 2017–20

  • Lorna Box's profile picture

    Lorna Box

    PCC Member

    Standing 2017–20

  • Chris Gillies's profile picture

    Chris Gillies

    PCC Member

    Standing 2017–20

  • Helen Downey's profile picture

    Helen Downey

    PCC Member

    Standing 2016–19

  • Claire Mortimer's profile picture

    Claire Mortimer

    PCC Member

    Standing 2016–19

  • Ali Chevassut's profile picture

    Ali Chevassut

    PCC Member

    Standing 2017–20

  • Funmi Durodola's profile picture

    Funmi Durodola

    Safeguarding Officer

    Standing 2017–20

  • John Tranter's profile picture

    John Tranter

    PCC Member

    Standing 2017–20

  • Toby Walker's profile picture

    Toby Walker

    PCC Member

    Standing 2017–20

  • Paul Bossward's profile picture

    Paul Bossward

    PCC Member

    Standing 2018–21

  • Anne Ramsden's profile picture

    Anne Ramsden

    PCC Member

    Standing 2018–21

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