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Clergy and Leadership

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Operations Team

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ACT Team

Aldates Community Transformation Initiatives is a community of transformation and change seeing people set free to become all they were intended to be. Find out more at

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School of Ministry Interns

Our School of Ministry interns are here for a one year programme to learn and to serve across many different ministry areas. If you're interested in applying for the School of Ministry check it out under 'Courses'.

St Aldates PCC

The PCC (Parochial Church Council) is the elected body of lay church members who meet six times a year in the capacity of Trustees.

The Standing Committee (circled in red) meets separately an additional ten times a year.

  • Charlie Cleverly's profile picture

    Charlie Cleverly

    Rector *

    Ex-officio chair of the PCC

  • Florence Chaffey's profile picture

    Florence Chaffey

    PA to the Rector

    PCC Secretary

  • Mark Brickman's profile picture

    Mark Brickman

    Associate Minister *. (6pm Service Leader)

  • Tim Bateman's profile picture

    Tim Bateman

    Curate *


  • Mark Withers's profile picture

    Mark Withers

    Church Warden

    Since 2015

  • Dick Hunter's profile picture

    Dick Hunter

    Church Warden

    Since 2016

  • Andy Davisson's profile picture

    Andy Davisson

    Treasurer (Co-Opted)

    Since 2016

  • Jenny Lee's profile picture

    Jenny Lee

    Safeguarding Officer

    Standing 2015–18

  • Mark Gooding's profile picture

    Mark Gooding

    Deputy Church Warden (Co-Opted)

    Since 2016

  • Jo Mitchell's profile picture

    Jo Mitchell

    PCC Member

    Standing 2014–17

  • Lorna Box's profile picture

    Lorna Box

    PCC Member

    Standing 2014–17

  • Chris Gillies's profile picture

    Chris Gillies

    PCC Member

    Standing 2014–17

  • Damian Randell's profile picture

    Damian Randell

    PCC Member

    Standing 2015–18

  • Helen Downey's profile picture

    Helen Downey

    PCC Member

    Standing 2016–19

  • Claire Mortimer's profile picture

    Claire Mortimer

    PCC Member

    Standing 2016–19

  • Ali Chevassut's profile picture

    Ali Chevassut

    PCC Member

    Standing 2017–20

  • Funmi Durodola's profile picture

    Funmi Durodola

    PCC Member

    Standing 2017–20

  • John Tranter's profile picture

    John Tranter

    PCC Member

    Standing 2017–20

  • Julie Turner

    PCC Member

    Standing 2017–20

  • Toby Walker's profile picture

    Toby Walker

    PCC Member

    Standing 2017–20

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